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A. The Supplier takes measures to protect the Customer’s personal data, according to the Law for Protection of Personal Data.

B. divides Customers as Registered, who voluntarily provides their personal data and non-registered – “Guests”.

C. The Registered Customers have the right to access and change their personal data, and also to require from to close their account.

Any personal information will be used in accordance with the Law for Protection of Personal Data. The details that will be collected will be used only for: order processing; performing a security check. guarantees that this data will not be illegally provided to third parties or used for other purposes, different from those described above. 


A. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the Customer agrees that the information about him/her will be processed according to them.

B. is responsible for protecting the Customer’s information that has become known to the Supplier regarding the purchase or sale of goods.

C. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Customer is deemed to be informed according to the Law for Protection of Personal Data, that her / his personal data may be disclosed to third parties in compliance with the applicable legislation. All the purposes described above for which the information may be used are not exhaustively listed. Any other purposes for which the information is used will be in accordance with the Italian Legislation, applicable International Acts, Internet Ethics, Moral Rules, and Good Manners.


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